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PSS Wand Attachment

PSS Spare Reservior

pss waist pack

PSS Waist Pack Attachment

Securing the hoses
PSS: Unboxing Pt. 1
PSS: Unboxing Pt. 2
PSS: Sprayer Demo

Easy to use and drastically

Easy to use and drastically reduces product used..

Jean k.

Verified User

Very Happy

We are using the device to help clean our facility and love the results!

Timothy C.

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What a great system. Easy to use and very efficient. We're very happy to have it.

Sr. K.

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works well. Do you have

Works well. Do you have suggestions for the best disinfectant to use in unit?

Gabriela R.

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  • ExtremeMist®: Great question. We get asked this quite frequently. There are so many solutions on the market, it really comes down to the task at hand. We have a shortlist of products we've used towards the bottom of our main page but mainly keep to water-based disinfectants suggested by

Excellent Performance!

Very happy with the performance and it is light and not noise, great option!

Gabriela R.

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Great Product

The PSS has been very efficient and easy to use.

William W.

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Great Product!

We love using our new Backpack! It is super easy to charge the battery and easy to use!

Malini B.

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Backpack Mister

Easy to use lightweight and does the job.

Virgina B.

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Great Piece of Equipment

Great piece of equipment. Easy to use and light on my back!!!

Tamellia T.

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Great Portable System

I have used this in the application of our product (PreventX 24/7) and it works great. The adjustment capability is what brings this design to the forefront for applicators. Light and easy to use I would recommend this to everyone who wants to apply disinfectants or barrier treatments for surfaces.

Micheal M.

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Portable Sanitizing System Backpack

Great Machine!

George A.

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PSS Backpack

Very nice basic spray apparatus

Robert S.

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Portable Sanitizing System

This product is a good buy, it may not be the static disinfectant backpack - but this product is ready to use with great results.

Richard V.

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University Disinfecting

Our custodial team loves theses backpacks! Great product at an affordable price.

Tai D.

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Does the job and is lightweight love it!

Dennis T.

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The Portable Sanitizing System is very easy to use

We are using this system to apply disinfectant at our parish. It is very easy to use. It is light weight, and the portability makes it a great choice for what we need.

Jerome J.

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Great Product

Bought for disinfecting restaurant. Works great is fast efficient and thorough. Major time and labor saver. Easy to use too.

Louis L.

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