Sanitize Any Size Area Quickly and Efficiently

 Our remote controlled 8 speed mist system, puts you in total control of the antimicrobial dispersion process. It enables the user to spray (with most solutions) areas while people are still on premise. Unlike mass-area sprayers, our systems spray-reach is approximately 36 inches. Traditional Foggers allow solutions to linger in the air for much longer periods of time; and should only be used in vacated spaces. The PSS can be used to spray both small and large areas with far superior coverage (4000-5000 sq. ft. per hour) over traditional trigger style spray bottles, making it perfect for consumer or commercial use. The System is portable, cordless, and battery powered. It's also lightweight, easy to operate, and comfortable to wear all day. 

PSS blue pack back

USES LESS SOLUTION: The PSS backpack has a large 2 liter reservoir and uses up to 65% less product than a trigger-style spray bottle, depending on the speed selected. *The higher the speed setting of the pump the less solution used.

SANITIZES FASTER: On the highest speed you can sanitize 3 times quicker than a spray bottle.

BETTER COVERAGE: Because the solution is atomized into a mist/cloud, our system covers surfaces, and penetrates nooks & crannies more efficiently. 

DRIES QUICKER: Most solutions will dry in minutes due to the light coverage on higher speeds from the light mist. *For heavier applications of solution use lower speeds.

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL:  8 speed remote variable for solution density control.

COST SAVING: Using less solution will quickly pay for the price of the unit. 

RECHARGEABLE:  Fully charged battery lasts between 5 to 16 hours depending on the speed chosen. *Battery pack attaches to the pump.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Entire system weighs under 6 lbs when filled with 2 liters of most solutions. *Solutions not included.

HIGHLY MOBILE: Cord-free. User is not tether to heavy canisters or bulky equipment.

COMFORTABLE: The most comfortable system to wear for long periods of time, than any other backpack system on the market. Because the pack was originally designed for runners & hikers, it has a fully adjustable fit for bounce-free and cool comfort. 

UNLIMITED USES: Hospitals, retirement homes, city buses, grocery stores, playgrounds, schools, public indoor or outdoor spaces, houses, apartments and anywhere else sanitizing is needed. 

RIDE SHARE: ExtremeMist® Vehicle Sanitizing System (VSS) 4 nozzle Quad Kit. Use w/ sanitizers for disinfecting the passenger carriage in most vehicles. 

SATURATES EVENLY : VSS misting system sanitizes the back seat area with the push of a button after each ride or pickup. 

SANITIZE IN SECONDS:  Sanitize and disinfect the back seat in 5-10 seconds without leaving the drivers seat. *Follow chosen solution product instructions for application saturation time.

COST EFFECTIVE: Extend the life of the solution by using less to do more.

INSTALLS QUICKLY: Complete setup and takedown in minutes. 

POWERFULL & COMPACT: ExtremeMist® VSS Quad Nozzle Kit puts out a mighty 170psi. The pump system and reservoir is small enough to be hidden out of the way under most driver's seats.

Complete system available for quick delivery.
MSRP $239.00

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