Sanitize Any Size Area Quickly and Efficiently

Our Portable Sanitizing System's technology disperses antimicrobial solutions and other chemical disinfectants. ExtremeMist's atomizing 8 speed mist systems can be used to sanitize any areas large or small with a mist that has far superior coverage over conventional spray bottles. Our Personal Sanitizing System (PSS) is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It makes sanitizing solutions last up to 3 times longer than trigger style spray bottles and gets the job done in 1/3 the time! The new PSS can be utilized for consumer or commercial use.

USES LESS SOLUTION: The PSS backpack has a large 2 liter reservoir and uses up to 65% less product than a trigger-style spray bottle, depending on the speed selected. *The higher the speed setting of the pump the less solution used.

SANITIZES FASTER: On the highest speed you can sanitize 3 times quicker than a spray bottle.

BETTER COVERAGE: Because the solution is atomized into a mist/cloud, our system covers surfaces, and penetrates nooks & crannies more efficiently. 

DRIES QUICKER: Most solutions will dry in minutes due to the light coverage on higher speeds from the light mist. *For heavier applications of solution use lower speeds.

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL:  8 speed remote variable for solution density control.

COST SAVING: Using less solution will quickly pay for the price of the unit. 

RECHARGEABLE:  Fully charged battery lasts between 5 to 16 hours depending on the speed chosen. *Battery pack attaches to the pump.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Entire system weighs under 6 lbs when filled with 2 liters of most solutions. *Solutions not included.

HIGHLY MOBILE: Cord-free. User is not tether to heavy canisters or bulky equipment.

COMFORTABLE: The most comfortable system to wear for long periods of time, than any other backpack system on the market. Because the pack was originally designed for runners & hikers, it has a fully adjustable fit for bounce-free and cool comfort. 

UNLIMITED USES: Hospitals, retirement homes, city buses, grocery stores, playgrounds, schools, public indoor or outdoor spaces, houses, apartments and anywhere else sanitizing is needed. 

RIDE SHARE: ExtremeMist® Vehicle Sanitizing System (VSS) 4 nozzle Quad Kit. Use w/ sanitizers for disinfecting the passenger carriage in most vehicles. 

SATURATES EVENLY : VSS misting system sanitizes the back seat area with the push of a button after each ride or pickup. 

SANITIZE IN SECONDS:  Sanitize and disinfect the back seat in 5-10 seconds without leaving the drivers seat. *Follow chosen solution product instructions for application saturation time.

COST EFFECTIVE: Extend the life of the solution by using less to do more.

INSTALLS QUICKLY: Complete setup and takedown in minutes. 

POWERFULL & COMPACT: ExtremeMist® VSS Quad Nozzle Kit puts out a mighty 170psi. The pump system and reservoir is small enough to be hidden out of the way under most driver's seats.

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