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Great Portable System

" I have used this in the application of our product (PreventX 24/7) and it works great. The adjustment capability is what brings this design to the forefront for applicators. Light and easy to use. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to apply disinfectants or barrier treatments for surfaces."

Micheal Manthey

Director of Research & Development

Perfect Sanitizing Delivery Method

"This ExtremeMist Portable Sanitizing system is ideal, easy to use, and does an amazing job! I purchased a second one for our workplace. It is an answer to our sanitizing needs and now everyone is fighting to be on sanitizing duty!! Lightweight, no strain or repetitive work injury concerns, very quiet, and nonintrusive to guests. Added bonus, guests see someone on the job keeping them safe. I highly recommend this equipment."

Jenna F.

Verified User